Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The first obstacle...

Seeking financial support for your child from a non-co-operative father/mother, after a move abroad will not be a straightforward process. In order to start the ball rolling here in France, I have been told I need the following-
- A letter from the CSA confirming that Wolfy had knowledge of the previous agreement which was in place in the UK. In affect his agreement/co-operation to the previous child maintenance payments made.
- A schedule of the payments which he actually made.
This does not sound like a lot. Try asking the CSA to provide you with this. Throughout January and February this year, I have made numerous telephone calls and have come up against brick wall after brick wall. Yes I have a copy of the agreement which they originally drew up, but this is their standard letter and apparently they are unable to write any other letter. Basically 'computer says no!'. Infuriating!
I can understand why France want this, because from their point of view I could be saying that anyone is the father. What would happen in France is that it would go through the courts and the father would actually have to sign the maintenance payment agreement, which presumably both parents would have a copy of. In the UK this does not normally happen as the CSA would just deduct any monies owed from the non resident parent without any signature. France cannot begin to chase Wolfy until they have sufficient evidence.
I have consequently written to the CSA and still not received a reply. The CSAs answer to not helping is that, as we have moved abroad, my son no longer comes under UK jurisdiction, although he is still a British National. Despicable service. I plan to now write to UNICEF, the British Embassy, my local EU President, hell if you don't shout, you certainly don't get!

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